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So it occurred to us, we’ve been selling all these guns for all these years, but most people across the country don’t know much about what we do at  I’ve talked to people who think we operate out of a 20×20 shack with a couple guys and 10 or 12 guns, and I’ve talked to people who think we’re a publicly traded company with an office complex on a 10 acre campus.  Well, we’re somewhere in between, and we figured what better way to let everyone know than to literally show you.

Below, Tony walks you through some of our facilities and shows you what it’s like at  We’re hoping this will answer some questions people might have about our business, but we really just want everyone to know that we’re a bunch of regular people trying to give America what they want.

Now keep in mind, we did this walkthrough back before Christmas (hence the Christmas tree in part of the video), so considering the huge spike in demand since then, some of the content is already dated (like how much inventory is on our shelves).  Regardless, we hope you enjoy popping the hood on and checking out our engine.

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